About us

The Company

Equine Lounge is a company based with offices in Norway and Denmark. The company is young, but it is an offspring of a leading global brand from outside of the equestrian industry, represented in 150 countries worldwide.

What we do

We have specialized in building luxury prefabricated modular buildings – “lounges” – for the horse, rider and all taking care of horses. The terms “All-in-One” and “Plug-and-Play” are frequently used about our lounges as these are delivered all finished from factory leaving only a minimum of work on site for placing and connecting them.

Where we are

The designing and sales are run from our main offices in Norway and Denmark covering the market worldwide through our trusted and acknowledged partners and networks.

The Experience

By purchasing one of our lounges, you are not only buying a physical product, but you are also buying into a very special experience and great wellness for you and your horse.

The Practical

Everything related to the lounge is taking care of by our team, be it the interior planning, custom designing, site inspections, and the preparations on site. Aftermarket and service is a crucial part of the experience, therefor we are signing service agreements with local service partners, to be able to serve the lounges on very short notice.